How to pick the best sleepaway baseball camp or overnight summer baseball camp

With lots and lots of overnight and sleepaway baseball camps around the country how do I pick one I can trust or have a great experience at? I would first look at the reasons you are going to baseball camp. Are you going for training, recruitment, having fun, and/or learning new baseball drills? Most of the time it’s to either been seen as a older high school baseball player or for training as a youth or younger baseball player. I would first check out the facilities and lodging accommodations. Lodging can sometimes be on a college campus or in a hotel, and then check out the fields. How will the facilities be for the baseball camp? Check out images away from the website to see if the images look similar and true to the location. Do they offer the facilities just for summer baseball camps or other summer programs for kids? Checking out the instructors, the director plus the other baseball instructors is important. What type of baseball training equipment do they use? Are they up to date for baseball camps? Seeing what the summer programs provide with the registration of a baseball camp and giving them a call to ask some details like what baseball training and drills do they do? What levels of instruction and baseball training do they have? Once you feel comfortable on the location, lodging and supervision of the overnight baseball camp this will help you in your decision.