How to pick the best college baseball camp?

Yes, the big question, how do I pick the best college camp? To begin with I would ask why are you attending the camp? Did the college baseball program invite you or did you just want to attend this baseball camp? It’s easy if the college coach personally invited you to attend the camp, but make sure it’s truly a personal invite and not that you are just on an email or mailing list blast inviting you to attend this summer baseball camp or showcase. Make sure this college camp is the right fit if you’re attending to be seen to show off your baseball skills at say age 14 and older or is it just for attending a great summer baseball camp ages 7 to 13? If looking at baseball camps near me then look around all the colleges where you live to find locations to go to. I would recommend if going to be seen that you can talk to someone that you trust and is in baseball to give you a realistic opinion of level of baseball play to see if you would have a chance to play at that college level someday, depending on your age. If you are going to attend as a younger baseball player, say ages 7 to 13, it doesn’t really matter as much the college baseball camp around your area as much as going to a great place of instruction for a summer baseball camp experience. If you do have the opportunity to make it a family experience then going to a warm area for a family baseball camp trip that is also a vacation is highly recommended. We have ABC locations at many of the colleges around the country that we work hand-and-hand with for a great family experience as well.