Baseball camps nationwide – clinics, training, and showcases year-round.  America’s Baseball Camps works hard to set the standard for professional baseball camps. With over 3000 camps and close to 300,000 campers since 1997. Our coaching philosophy is based on the most respected and freshest training concepts today in baseball.  

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Arizona Baseball Camps- Dec & Feb Phoenix, Arizona

California Baseball Camps- June/July (UC San Diego & Santa Barbara)

Pennsylvania Baseball Camps- July Pittsburg, PA Clarion Univ.

Texas Baseball Camps- June/July Dallas, Texas

Washington Baseball Camps- June/Aug Seattle, Washington

Why an ABC baseball camp? From our lowest ratio per coach instruction in the country, proven track record since 1997 and have worked with over 300,000 players worldwide with 1000’s that have played college or professional baseball. We focus on the Five Tools of baseball: hitting for power, hitting for average, throwing, fielding and speed/agility. Training and stations are always position and skill-level specific so each camper gets the most out of camp. It’s baseball training at its best!

Hitting for Power

At ABC Baseball Camps we help you improve you hitting power, a tool that college and pro scouts look forward when evaluating talent as one of the important tools of a baseball player.

Hitting for Average

At our baseball camps we focus highly on the bat path and helping you with muscle memory to have your baseball swings be repetable. This is one of our specialties.


This tool is vital for learning and mastering to take your baseball game to next level. Heavy focus at our baseball camps and clinics to focus on huge reps for these areas of this tool.


Oh yes! Speed, this is a tool that people love and one many don’t work on enough at baseball camps. At our camps and clinics we focus stations related to this baseball camp tool.